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BBTV New Media Company Limited has adopted AWS cloud service to develop our system and our company gives the importance to human resources. Therefore, our staff have supported to enhance their cloud knowledge and skills by training and testing to achieve certification. We work closely with the AWS team to deliver our solution that suits the needs of our customers. We are recognized as AWS Select Consulting Partner in 2019 and we continue to focus on providing excellence service to our valued customers.

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Ch7HD application is developed with AWS services such as a fast content

Ch7 HD

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Bugaboo.TV XFinFin

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BBTV New Media Company Limited is an affiliated company of Bangkok Broadcasting Television (Ch7HD) that was established in 2007 with initial registered capital 100 million baht. The main objective is to manage online media including design and develop relevant new operating systems to be in accordance with Ch7HD operations.

We are responsible for design, development and maintenance Ch7HD official website and mobile application and are platform solution providers for CH7.COM and BUGABOO.TV and other websites encompassing.

In addition, we are responsible for designing the website and application of Ch7HD’s special events, for example Thai Super Model Contest, Champ7see Sports, Unicef, Special drama event and others.

Program production part, we help Ch7HD to do special event and activity photography, reality program production (Thai Super Model TV), Live streaming on website.

Operating system development part, we help to develop an advertising and VTR inspection process before broadcasting. For the best benefit of our customer, we offer customized solution development and suitably operate with scope of work by supporting the information technology system unit of customers and their partner.

We specialize in providing cloud consulting of cloud migration and implementation. We have the high experienced consultant and technical team to work closely with our customers and help them to design system architecture including effective security. For the development process, we use DevOps principle to help meet customer needs and deliver systems faster. We develop systems with a variety of solutions to ensure the best system performance.

Moreover, our team has excellent skill in end to end software development both for websites and applications. Our service includes writing content, designing UX/UI, developing, implementing to digital platforms, communication by marketing tools and maintenance.

We have more than 100 professional staff with more than 10 years of experience. Our company places importance on the knowledge and skills of human resources by supporting examinations to achieve global certification such as AWS, ITIL, Facebook Blueprint, PMI Agile etc. Customers can be confident that our team is a key partner that can help you reach the business goals.

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BBTV New Media Company Limited
900 Tonson Tower, 5th Floor, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel. (662) 658 7700-5 #740
Fax. (662) 658 7699