Ch7HD is an application, which is provided the up-to-date news, programme, information, synopsis of drama, star's profile and every activitise of Channel 7.

Key Feature

Ch7HD application is developed with AWS services such as a fast content deliver to viewers with low latency, distribution incoming peak traffic etc. These services provide the user experience of watching live programs from anywhere on any device.


With digital transformation strategy, BBTV New Media developed CH7HD application with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to gain elastic scalability of concurrent data access and high availability for watching CH7's live program,new, and activity with minimum downtime.

Executive Summary

BBTV New Media needed an application that supports unpredictable or spiky traffic. Auto Scaling is one of AWS services,which launches or terminates instances based on specified conditions, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB); a service that distributes incoming traffic or load amongst instances and ELB can also send metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, which is a managed monitoring service.

With the strengths of AWS’s global networking, we can leverage multiple locations around the world to deliver content allowing users to interact with our application in a lower latency.